For the IMPERILED or in need:

  1. Set a transmitter to frequency 111.

The transmitter’s message should be as follows:


Example: [Neutral, Miner, No fuel]

2. Optional, but helpful: talk with our recovery crew to help them help you.

3. Await recovery.

You will be repaired/refueled on the spot


Your ship will be towed to the station.


If your ship is totaled, You, and some of your cargo, will be brought back without your ship. You may recover it later, but if not we will scrap it. Funds earned from scrapping will be put towards future rescues.

For Rescuers:

1. Keep an eye out on the SOS discord emergency channels and in-game

2. Set your receiver frequency to 111. (receiver designs pending)

3. approach the transmitter cautiously and be wary of pirates and warmongering factions.

If the transmitter has a price on their head, DO NOT approach.

4. If unarmed and met with resistance, flee the scene and report the situation.

5. If armed, and met with resistance from pirates, do what you think is best, engaging or disengaging is up to you.


report the situation.

If you disengage a pirate ship, feel free to hand them over to our friendly factions that have agreed to pirate hunt.

6. If the ship is salvageable, please tow it to the station. If not, please carry the transmitter of the signal and possibly a small amount of their cargo back to the station.

Don’t bring Kingdom ships to Empire ports. Don’t bring Empire ships to Kingdom ports.

Click the button to begin the rescue process!